Tuesday, August 26, 2014

We Moved!

I've been absent again but this time it has been with good reason!  Since early June every minute of my spare time has been consumed with finding a new house, dealing with the contract on the new house and now moving into the new house.  We are still very much in the midst of the chaos that is unpacking in a new home while trying to get our old home ready for market but we have officially moved!  At some point I will be blogging about the move - the why - and of course, hoping to post pictures as we settle in and eventually decorate/redecorate but for now I'm continuing to unpack, organize and well, pass out from exhaustion every night.  On top of our own move we are also overseeing the renovation of my mother-in-law's home which is located in the area we now live.  She has been away from her home, living with my sister-in-law, for the last two years and there has been no success with selling her home.  So, it is now being gutted and completely updated with hopes of a quick sell by end of year.  We are on week 2 of the renovation and while we are not doing the work, we are making frequent visits to the house to see the progress, answering questions, making decisions and relaying the progress to my sister-in-law so it is rather time consuming as well.  We have finally moved everything out of our own old home and hope to get it on the market within a week.  We need lots of prayers for a quick sell there as well.  Our new mortgage will begin in October and well, no one really wants to pay two mortgages for long!  So, stay tuned for more updates on our new home as it evolves!!

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