Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Day I Let Olivia Pick The Dessert....

I had decided last night that it was time for a treat this week. I was ready to make up a batch of my favorite wheat free, sugar free cookies!! Olivia wanted to help. When I pulled up my Pinterest board to get the recipe Olivia started yelling "no, let's do this one" pointing to a picture with lots of strawberries. We picked strawberries Saturday and have been eating them all week. She loves them!

I looked over the recipe for Strawberry Hand Pies on All Day I Dream About Food and saw that I had all the ingredients. I should have taken some time to read Carolyn's write up on her creation and the blog comments. Oh time.

The dough that is created from gluten free ingredients is very fragile. I lost my cool more than once trying to make the dough and then again trying to cut it. In the end I had 6 very unattractive hand pies ready for the oven. Fortunately, they baked up just like Carolyn said they would and were incredibly tasty.

Edited to comment that I stored a few in a container and they were mushy the next day.  Not sure if the issue was how I stored them or just that they are meant to be consumed same day as they are baked.

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  1. Actually they look fabulously homemade and artisinal! Lovely!