Wednesday, April 30, 2014

South Meets Far East

Last night for dinner I reheated some pulled pork I had made in the crockpot the day before and made two new sides, roasted okra and a crunchy napa cabbage asian slaw. 

I love fried okra and have been missing it since I have cut back on foods with breading. This roasted okra recipe was delicious and so easy! Honestly, I think I like this almost as good as my favorite fried okra at Cracker Barrel.  No one else in my family liked it so more for me! 

The slaw is also a new staple for me. I modified the recipe in that I did not have snap peas, radishes or green onions. I did shred some carrots into it as well as the cilantro. I used Swerve as my sugar substitute in the dressing.  I might have eaten almost the entire bowl. It was that good!  Again, my family wasn't as sold on this as I was so I think this will make an awesome lunch for me in the future, especially with chicken added.  One of the down sides to drastically changing your way of eating is that things that taste good to me now do not necessarily taste good to my husband.  My daughter is in the height of her picky eating at almost 4 years old!

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