Friday, May 9, 2014

The Great Sugar Experiment

This past weekend we had a children's birthday party to attend. I have been testing my blood sugar regularly since changing my eating habits and have seen improvement but I had never tested it after a carb/sugar-filled meal. I was curious to see what would happen if I ate like I used to at the party. So, I had a couple slices pizza, ice cream and cake. I did skip the soda so it wasn't exactly how I used to eat but close enough. I knew all that sugar would blow my meter up and I didn't want the full impact of it so as soon as we got home I mowed our yard. Exercise is known to decrease blood sugar. If I had not mowed I'm sure it would have been significantly worse.

At 2 hours after starting a meal a normal person's glucose should be below 140 mg/dl. At the 2 hour mark mine was at 139 so I thought "hmm, not bad". But, I had a sneaky suspicion that my glucose might still be rising so an hour later I retested and got 169...whoa! That is a hallmark of insulin resistance....glucose that is not curbed by insulin at the 2 hour mark. The insulin is either insufficient to counter the glucose or it isn't working properly. By the 4 hour mark I was back to 139 again and it we can assume it continued decreasing. My fasting level was 129 the next morning, much higher than it usually is, so you can see that the effects of that meal were not limited to one evening. And that, my friends, is why decreasing carbs is so important for the insulin resistant!

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